Cosmetic Weight Loss Surgery: An Overview

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Weight Loss Surgery

Facelift Surgery Animations

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Important Things to Know About Dental Implants


Rhinoplasty Before and After Photo

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How much does a rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of a rhinoplasty is really variable based on the surgeon and the geographic location. The cost to undergo nasal surgery is determined by 3 factors. These factors that drive the cost of a nose job surgery are as follows: Anesthesia fee, surgeons fee, and operating room fee. The cost for a rhinoplasty in our practice is $7500 which includes all 3 of the above fees. A complicated revision rhinoplasty is $8500. A rhinoplasty in our practice is performed under general anesthesia , not local anesthesia for patient safety and comfort. The anesthesia is performed by a board certified anesthesiologist. The operating room at the Seattle Rhinoplasty Center is Certified by Medicare and licensed by the Washington State Department of Health. Dr. Portuese its board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. For an extensive before and after rhinoplasty photo gallery, please see our website


Medicaid in Florida

In October, nearly 1 million Floridians will remain uninsured as the health insurance exchange program (a key element of the Affordable Care Act) opens. This coverage gap is largely due to Florida’s decision to opt out of expanding the Medicaid program. These Floridians will either earn too little to qualify for the tax credits of the exchange or will earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

One of the ways ACA plans on bringing millions of uninsured people onto the rolls is by
expanding Medicaid. The federal government’s plan relies on a partnership with individual
states to do so. That partnership includes a guarantee that the feds will pay 100 percent of the costs for the first three years and then a 90-10 split after that. But that has not convinced legislators in Florida (nor many other states), and the Legislature has so far rejected any and all attempts at agreeing to such a plan with the feds.

Although the Supreme Court upheld the overall health care law, it ruled to give individual states the right to decide if they wanted to expand their Medicaid programs. Florida is one of 23 states thus far opting out of Medicaid expansion.

Another change in Florida’s Medicaid program is the shift to a Medicaid managed-care system that will start by involving around 13,000 people in 12 counties (including Lee County). This is part of a gradual move to have almost all Florida Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled in HMO’s or other types of managed care. The move is controversial in that critics question the quality of care Medicaid beneficiaries receive.

It is not clear yet how these changes with Medicaid will affect the practices of our Lee County physicians or the quality of care given to the beneficiaries. But, we will keep you updated as the changes occur.

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Upgrade Your Skincare Routine for the Holiday

Skincare can be enhanced by commencing a routine now and continuing in time for a New Year’s glow. Of course, the tips presented are ones to follow for years to come and getting a head start on 2009 can help set the expectation that anti-aging skincare is a worthwhile resolution for 2009.

Maintain a Proper Diet: Vitamin A rich foods found in diary products are extremely beneficial for the skin. Anti-oxidant foods include: bblackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums. Walnuts, olive oil and salmon contain fatty acids that help support healthy cell membranes and retain water for proper hydration of the skin. Selenium filled turkey, tuna, and wheat bread assist in skin health as well. Green tea serves as an anti-inflammatory for skin cells.

Build On Water Intake: Water intake directly relates to the extent of hydration that your skin is able to maintain. Many people believe that moisturizers hydrate skin. However, moisturizers help to hold your body’s inherent hydration in your body. Try keeping a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Support Healthy Digestion: It has been commonly known that the health of your digestive tract has an impact on the appearance of healthy skin. Fiber rich diets and/or supplements recommend by a physician help to support healthy digestion and reflect on our skin.

Exercise: Cardiovascular and weight training exercises may provide a number of anti-aging skin benefits. Exercise releases free radicals that may deliver toxins into your body. Releasing toxins through diet, digestion and exercise can go a long way in terms of preserving youthful skin.

Make Up: It may be worthwhile to visit a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to discuss your make- up routine. Some make-up may adversely affect your skin. Make up should be purchased with consideration to your skin condition and skin quality, of which plastic surgeons and dermatologists are educated about. In addition, there are advanced types of foundation that help to mask the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and the like.
Protect Your Skin: The use of sunscreen is important to protect your skin at all times of year. Too, skin must be protected from extreme cold weather with scarves.

Consider Medical Grade Skincare: Plastic surgeons and dermatologists usually carry a line of medical grade skincare products for purchase. Medical grade skincare products often contain a greater concentration of ingredients that are nourishing and supportive of an anti-aging skin objective.

Moisturize: Moisturizing your body and face helps to maintain healthy skin. Moisturizers help to preserve the hydration of your skin that is acquired through your diet and water intake. Moisturizers also help protect your skin from harm that may occur from exposure to weather conditions and environmental pollutants as well.

Investigate Advanced Facial Rejuvenation Procedures: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, IPL fotofacial, Thermage, Photodynamic therapy, Plasma Skin Regeneration are some of the great number of options available to improve fine lines, remove age spots, and create brightness in your skin.
Consider Injectables: Injectables may used to prevent wrinkles as much as immediately improve the appearance of wrinkles in the nasiofold area, eye area, crow’s feet, brow area, and forehead.

The holiday treat provided in your revived skincare campaign may cost up to $400.00 or more, but your investment can last for six months or more.
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What To Look For In A Plastic Surgeon

In today’s youth oriented culture, most people want to look the best that they can. Many explore the option of plastic surgery to help them improve their looks. Plastic reconstructive surgery is another reason to seek this type of specialist. Those born with physical deformities, or left with deformities after necessary medical procedures, are also prime candidates for plastic surgery. For those people, many operations such as breast reduction or reconstructive surgery are covered by their health insurance. Individuals seeking strictly cosmetic effects are responsible for all of the costs themselves. The expense is significant.

Due to the hefty price of cosmetic surgery procedures, many potential patients look only at what a certain surgeon charges and the associated fees of hospital, surgical suite, and anesthesia. This is a mistake. While cost is important, your health, well-being, and the ultimate outcome that you seek is more important. The first thing to do is locate several plastic surgeons in your general vicinity who specialize in the procedure or areas that you are interested in correcting.

Make certain any plastic surgeon you are considering is board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), meaning they are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Technically, any surgeon can perform plastic surgery. This does not mean that they are qualified to do so. Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons have not only general surgical training, but also years of additional, specific training and education in the various areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Most plastic surgeons like Peter B Fodor MD who are board certified are highly qualified to perform a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures. After deciding on a specific surgeon, check your local medical board to see if that surgeon has any complaints on record. Ask friends or family members for references of surgeons known for their expertise in achieving good outcomes. Finally, arrange for an initial consultation with your plastic surgeon of choice.

Write down all of your questions and concerns and address each and every one of them. Ask the surgeon how many times he or she has performed the specific procedure that you want. Look at the before and after pictures they should have available. If that particular surgeon has imaging capabilities, get them to show you how you can expect to look after your procedure. It is crucial to educate yourself in all aspects of your surgery.
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Is Surgical Methods for Weight Loss Safe?

3People want it the easy way, even in losing weight. Who would not want to lose weight easily? There are many weight loss methods everywhere nowadays. So many options but are they good for you? Are they effective and safe? Surgery has been considered as a great way to lose weight. Its benefits are known tremendously from all the medical research and development in the past decades but is it really the best option when it comes to weight loss? If you are seriously overweight and you believe surgery is for you, then you can go to Dr. Carson Liu and be evaluated for operation. Some doctors will tell you there are risks involved or you have to enroll in a weight loss program first and prove you are committed to changing your lifestyle. Choose the right and good doctor for you. Be careful with doctors whose main concern is only the money you’ll pay. They’ll definitely put you into trouble.

The first thing a doctor can do is to talk you out of surgery. And there is no sign that medicine will progress so far as to make plastic surgery 99% safe for the patients. You have to ask yourself just how much pain you can take. Plastic surgery is very painful. Surgical methods for weight loss are dangerous because the skin doesn’t heal as easily, the scars will be there forever, sometimes swollen and infected for months. It might also cause you implications like in surgical breast enhancement. All women are tempted in this but there’s a high possibility that you’ll undergo another operation to eliminate infections, to hide scars or to have your breasts remodeled to look even.

Think many times before engaging in a surgery because they’ll be no turning back once your skin has been cut. You have to consider a lot of things because you couldn’t just sue the doctor if your body reacts badly to it. You should remember that you signed an agreement that you’ll be responsible of whatever happens in your body. The surgery doesn’t end that, think of the pain that you’ll go through. So think very hard before spending money on surgery. You better try other ways to lose weight – ways that will give assurance to your overall health and confidence.

Surgical Methods

Breast Augmentation and Weight Loss

Losing weight when you are overweight has a number of benefits. You’ll be healthier, possibly live longer, feel better, and be more active. Your clothes may be better fitting and you might experience a boost of confidence. However, that confidence can be dampened if your weight loss has negatively affected the appearance of your breasts. Weight loss, especially if it’s large amounts of weight, can cause your breasts to shrink as much as an entire cup size or more. Your breasts may also lose volume and begin to sag. The nipples may begin to point downwards, and stretch marks can become more noticeable.

2Breasts are composed largely of adipose fatty tissue, so it can be the first place you notice weight loss once you begin dieting or exercising (or having gastric bypass surgery). On the other hand, some women never lose breast volume when they lose weight, but still want breast augmentation after weight loss to complete their transformation. No matter how your breasts are affected by large amounts of weight loss, breast implants may still be the last step in regaining your confidence and restoring your self-esteem. Breast augmentation can restore your breasts to their original size and volume, and when combined with a breast lift, can give you back the lift you may have lost. A breast lift in and of itself will probably not give you all the results you’re after- while it will remove excess skin and position the breasts and nipples higher, you will still lack cleavage and volume on the top of the breasts. Breast implants can give you the volume and fullness you desire.

If you’re having breast augmentation after losing large amounts of weight, the recovery time may be a bit longer because of the larger amounts of excess skin that may need to be removed. This won’t be universal to every patient, and your surgeon will thoroughly discuss the details of your procedure during your consultation.

If you are considering breast implants and are not at your desired weight, begin your diet and exercise program before the surgery. It is always best to have a stable weight before the procedure because losing large amounts of weight after getting implants can negatively affect their appearance. If your weight is stable before breast augmentation, you can be sure that your post-surgical appearance is the one that you will have for a long time.

Breast Augmentation